letter from Academy of Arts & Minds Charter School

letter from Ivette Herzog, Ed. S., Licensed School Psychologist

letter from Lourdes Rodriguez-Rivera, Staffing Specialist

“It has been a blessing for our daughter Ava to have Kids Chat Therapists in her life. From day one, they have targeted her needs & worked with us diligently. Their inclusive techniques are the BEST! We are extremely happy with the daily outcome of their hardwork and dedication to our child.”

– Seijas Family

“When my son began at Kids Chat Therapy he was four years old and had barely any language. He had an expressive and receptive language delay. He was pretty much in the dark. After Ivy met him and worked with him she called me and told me the first positive statement I had heard someone say about my son from any therapist or teacher; she said, “He has potential.” At Kids Chat Therapy they offered my son individual and group therapy. Once he started processing words, he was able to use them . Thanks to Kids Chat Therapy I was able to “meet” my son! I was able to see his radiant personality. Once he acquired words, they transformed his robotic and repetitive language into fluent, spontaneous, and natural language. The therapists at Kids Chat Therapy make this experience very personal for the child and the parents. They treat your child as if he/she were a family member. The way they identify my son’s needs and immediately address his needs is so necessary when you know you can’t afford to waste time or money. Their professionalism and passion make the language therapy they offer of the highest quality possible. My son has been receiving therapy at Kids Chat Therapy for two years and after every single session they will bring you in and talk with you in detail analyzing the positive and negative, strengths and weaknesses of the session. They show interest in helping my son in all areas and making the connection to his academic and social progress. They took in a child who had no language and no sense of the real world around him and have helped him blossom into a child who is a social butterfly and a success in the regular classroom. In this journey I’ve had to endure in helping my son, I feel blessed to have met Jenny and Ivy and only wish I would have met them since Day 1 of learning that my son had such huge delays in language.”

– Romagosa Family

“I definitely recommend Kids Chat Therapy not just for its professionalism, but for the support and compassion of the therapists towards the children (and their parents). My son made a tremendous amount of progress when working with the therapists of this center, and it was invaluable towards his growth in speech and his social skills. All in all, I am so glad to have been helped by this outstanding group of people!!”

– Barbeito Family

“My name is Carol Del Sol and I am the mother of beautiful six year old boy with autism. Every parent that has ever had to hear those life altering words “your child has autism” goes through different stages of grieving until reality sets in and the “work” begins. We all want what is best for our children and when faced with so many options we can only pray that we are making the right decisions. Well, I experienced just that….I asked myself “Am I providing my son with the best therapies available to help him achieve his best?” I thought that I was and please don’t get me wrong, I will forever be grateful to those wonderful individuals that helped my son get started on his journey however, it wasn’t until Nico started therapy at Kids Chat that his progress exploded. You see, there are speech therapists and then there are speech therapists that are experts at working with children on the autism spectrum. Yes, experts, that is how I truly feel about all of the wonderful speech therapists at Kids Chat. When Nico started therapy at Kids Chat his oral motor tone was so low that his speech was only intelligible to very few people that were close to Nico and inherently knew what he wanted. It is through the hard work of these wonderful therapists and through the implementation of their oral motor protocols that my son speaks more clearly and actually chews his food well. I am excited about the clarity of his speech however; I am even more excited about his receptive language and his auditory processing. Nico was unable to follow a two-step command such as go to your room and get your shoes. It was as if it was lost in translation, he would go to his room and that was the end of it. I am thrilled to say that he is now able to follow multi-step commands and there is no longer a delay in his auditory processing. He understands what is being said to him and responds appropriately. Nico’s therapists test his progress periodically and I am ecstatic that he increased 20 months between his last two evaluations which take place every six months. That is huge!! Autism is a puzzling disorder that affects all children differently. If you are looking for a group of individuals that are going to get your child to meet his or her maximum potential then look no further. I know we still have a long road ahead of us but, I would not even think about traveling down that road without my Kids Chat family! “

– Del Sol Family